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However, when you join the Tribe, you get access to a lot more than the community:

However, when you join the Tribe, you get access to a lot more than the community:

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  • Entangled Training Guide - Become your own trainer (Value $97) - NOW FREE
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  • Gear Recommendations - Save a lot of money by getting ONLY the most effective recommendations for gear, equipment, and devices that can help you live in the most natural way while safely using man-made technology (Value $67) - NOW FREE
  • Recovery Principles - the key principles to optimize your recovery making you a effortless beast (Value $197) - NOW FREE
  • Tongue Posture and Proper Breathing - Understand the importance of proper breathing and tongue placement for jaw development and stress reduction. (Value $147) - NOW FREE
  • Stretching Guide for Fatigue and Tightness - Most people shouldn't stretch but once you become an elite athlete: here's how! (Value $147) - NOW FREE
  • Lajin Guide - A special Chinese method from ancient times for improving physical recovery and energy flow. (Value $147) - NOW FREE
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  • O2 Guide - All the ins and outs of water consumption (and why less water is actually better) (Value $97) - NOW FREE
  • Football Fundamentals Training Videos (Master the basics of ball control using the maximal intent principle): never over-think again about how to control the ball by using these few simple principles for mastering ball control (Value $247) - NOW FREE 
  • ​9 more to go…

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